General Information about the E2 Visa for Treaty Investors

The E2 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa. E2 visas ar for the purpose of overseeing investment in the United States. A parrallel visa category known as the E1 visa is also avalaible for the purpose conducting trade (this E1 visa will not be discussed in this post). In order to be eligible for an E2 [...]

Pay it Forward

My mentor once said to me do not pay it back, instead, pay it forward. It has been a pleasure seeing our intern Zarina Hernandez grow from a 2L to a 3L and now she is leaving us to prepare to take the Florida Bar. So in the office tradition we celebrated by taking her[.....]

Alma Mater

It is not every day one gets invited to speak at their Alma Mater and give back to the school that gave me a law degree. On Monday, I ran into professoer James Smith who invted me to speak at his trial practice class on Friday. On Wednesday, I got the same invitation from my[.....]