EB 1 – A Extraordinary Abilities in Arts, Education, Business, or Athletics

MUST Satisfy 3 of 10 Requirements below:

  • National or Internationally recognized awards.
  • Membership in associations in the Field: Must demand outstanding achievement to be a member.
  • Published material about in professional or major publications.
  • Judging the work of others.
  • Original scientific, scholarly, artistic, athletic or business related contributions.
  • Artistic display or showcases.
  • Leading or critical role in distinguished organizations.
  • Commanding a high salary.
  • Commercial success in the performing arts.

EB 1 – B Outstanding Professors and Researchers

MUST Satisfy 3 of 10 Requirements below:

  • Must have two from the previous list above.
  • Must have job offer.

EB 1 – C Multinational Manager or Executive (Similar to Dual Intent “L” Visa)

  • Employed outside the U.S. by the petitioning employer for one of the last three years.
  • Prior Employment by the petitioning employer must be managerial or executive position. .
  • Must have U.S. employer petition. Employer must have 1 year of established business in the USA (i.e. no start ups).
  • No auto-petitions.