Most people apply for U.S. Citizenship by using the N-400 application. However, some people may qualify under the N-600. To know the difference please contact us for a consultation. In this section, we will only discuss the N-400.

General Requirements to Become US Citizen:


At minimum must be a Legal Permanent Resident for five (5) years. If you obtained LPR status by marriage you may qualify after three (3) years.


Good Moral Character (Generally you must not owe taxes or at least have a payment plan, you must not owe child support, and you must not have any significant criminal history).


Passing Civics and U.S. History Examination


English Requirement (may be waived if you are certain age and certain number of years in LPR status)


Travel History (must not have spent more than 180 days continuously outside the U.S. or 30 months outside the U.S. in aggregate for the last five years)