If your are accused of a crime, do not speak to Law Enforcement without the presence of a lawyer. In most cases, if Law Enforcement Officer(s) is asking you questions related to a crime, it is because you are a suspect. YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY SHUT UP AND ONLY SPEAK TO REQUEST A LAWYER. Pursuant to the fifth amendment you have the right to remain silent and to not incriminate yourself. Pursuant to the sixth amendment you have the right to counsel. Pursuant to the 4th amendment, if Law Enforcement Officer(s) is seeking consent to search your vehicle or home, your are NOT obligated to give consent, unless they have a warrant signed by a Judge in most cases. YOU HAVE RIGHTS.

In this day of social media videos highlighting police aggression, always remember to be respectful to Law Enforcement Officials. Also remember, the place to enforce your rights is in the courtroom, not on the street.

Arrested or NTA

You can be preliminary charged with a crime by a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) by being arrested or being issued an Notice to Appear. LEO will provide an “Arrest Affidavit” in the event that you are arrested. Please be sure to keep this document in your possession so that you can provide it to your attorney in the event it is not yet published on the Clerk of Courts. A Notice to Appear (NTA) is often issued for nonviolent and minor offenses. The official charges are typically filed by the Assistant State Attorney by means of a document entitled “Information” or “Indictment.” It is at this point that the official charges are known.