First Degree Felonies

First Degree felonies are Punishable by Life (PBL) or in some cases by capital punishment. Capital punishment is reserved for murder cases. Other PBL crimes include but are not limited to kidnapping, burglary (in some cases). robbery (in some cases), sexual battery, trafficking in specific controlled substances and quantities (including but not limited to cocaine (28 grams or more), fentanyl (28 grams or more), heroin (over 4 grams) ,  hydrocodone, and even cannabis (over 25 pounds). Drug trafficking crimes are also subject to minimum mandatory sentences. For more information please see F.S. 893.135.

Second Degree Felonies

Second Degree felonies are punishable up to fifteen years in prison. Second degree felonies include but are not limited to murder, burglary (in some cases), robbery (in some cases), battery (such as aggravated battery on a pregnant person or with a weapon), grant theft (in specific amounts) and trafficking in controlled substances (in specific quantities).

Third Degree Felonies

Third degree felonies are punishable by up to five years in prison and include but are not limited to DUI with great bodily harm, grant theft, habitual traffic offenders (including 3x defendants charged with driving with suspended license), habitual theft offenses (including 3x defendants for petite theft), and other offenses.